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Who am I

Can I possibly be,
someone else but….
Someone’s wife,
someone’s mother,
someone’s daughter.
Can I possibly be,
Someone that belongs,
to me
another entity,
that is free,
that I can claim,
as my own identity

Is it a shame,
to rebel against the claim,
a title gives.
It grieves,
that inner part of me,
when spoken of like,
I am someone’s property
without face or identity.

Please get rid of the claim
and call me by name.
It is not a sham.
My name is who I am


A love poem of sorts

When I close my eyes,
I see your smile,
etched on my heart.
My arms cries
to have you in them awhile
You are that small part,
i can not live without


Masquerade, masquerade
a paper face on parade.
smiling so the world doesn’t see
what you are doing to me.
hiding the loneliness,
escaping the bitterness

Masquerade, masquerade
a paper face on parade.
Smiling so the world doesn’t know
the feeling of pain i can not show
My world just turned grey
the day my sun went away

Masquerade, masquerade
a paper face on parade
Smiling so the world doesn’t know
the tears i can not show
i have to hide
that I’m dead inside

Masquerade, masquerade
a paper face on parade.
Smiling so the world doesn’t know
that you will never be able to see
the full extend of what your are doing to me.

A love poem from someone special

Thinking of you fills me with a wonderfull feeling.
The tender love of your warm embrace.
Your sweet kisses,
Your gentle nature, and loving heart.
I love the way you smile.
The way your eyes sparkle,
when you laugh, i adore,
the sound of your voice.
So strong, enduring…

The sweetest sound is your name, and i say it over and over again..

You allowed me to open up my heart,
taught me how to love,
trust, and smile again,
You’ve brought so much to my life,
i never thought i could feel this way…

Now i see a perfect life looming ahead,
new places for my heart to explore,
new feelings, memories, thoughts.
Feelings that goes beyond expressions.
Can’t stop myself from holding back the tears…
Tears of happness, of a love so strong..
It surges through my heart like a storm,
each tear falls warm upon my face.
But I smile…

Such a powerfull love we have,
you filling my life with your laughter.
With dream of a brighter new tomorrow.
Ill forever be indebted to you…
You complete me


My angel

just a flower

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. I sort of lost inspiration for a while. But luckily it’s all coming back to me now with a few cool ideas I want to try out as soon as I’m done moving house.

My daughter gave me this flower one afternoon when we were visiting and I thought of taking a picture of it using their wooden picnic table as a backdrop.

The image on the left is the original and the image on the left is the “finished” product of photo editing.

I did this on my blackberry using Photo Editor.

The broken tree

I imagine that once upon a time this tree stood proudly upright. What happend to it I do not know but I think it’s rather amazing that it forms a natural arch.