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A love poem from someone special

May 18, 2013

Thinking of you fills me with a wonderfull feeling.
The tender love of your warm embrace.
Your sweet kisses,
Your gentle nature, and loving heart.
I love the way you smile.
The way your eyes sparkle,
when you laugh, i adore,
the sound of your voice.
So strong, enduring…

The sweetest sound is your name, and i say it over and over again..

You allowed me to open up my heart,
taught me how to love,
trust, and smile again,
You’ve brought so much to my life,
i never thought i could feel this way…

Now i see a perfect life looming ahead,
new places for my heart to explore,
new feelings, memories, thoughts.
Feelings that goes beyond expressions.
Can’t stop myself from holding back the tears…
Tears of happness, of a love so strong..
It surges through my heart like a storm,
each tear falls warm upon my face.
But I smile…

Such a powerfull love we have,
you filling my life with your laughter.
With dream of a brighter new tomorrow.
Ill forever be indebted to you…
You complete me

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