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Love lost

I gave you my heart,
I gave you my all,
right from the start.

Life was as bright,
embrancing me,
in morning light

You meant everything,
to me….
But to you I’m nothing

You look at me,
with longing meant,
for someone I can not see.

She fills your mind,
with lustfull thoughts
of another kind.

Turning you from me
and all we shared,
so that she can be…

…your lady of the night,
A scarlet letter,
A tantalizing sight.


The poem is not complete yet but I thought I’d share it with you. You are more than welcome to give suggestions to the end.


Sunset in South Africa


When I was a child growing up in a poor house next to a railway in a suburb called Florida (not the USA but in SA) I had a fondness of the story Cinderella.

Cinderella, the rich kid who were treated like a poor kid and wasn’t even allowed to go to the prince’s ball. The poor girl who waited on her stepmother and step sisters. Who was banish from her room, forced to sleep in the ashes.

The girl who after all the hardships became a princess when her fairy godmother used a pumpkin, some mice and of cource some magic to let her go to the ball were the prince fell in love…….

I even liked the movie in which Hilary Duff played that was based on the classic story of Cinderella.

Cinderella teached me that whatever the circumstances there is always hope for a good change, a happy ending.

Just a novelty

torn apart,
ripped to shreds,
bared naked,
stabbed by cruelty,
left to bleed,
from the inside out,
In your eyes,
I am nothing,
but a novelty,
to be used,
as you please!

stripped from dignity,
by your words,
In your eyes,
I was nothing,
but a novelty,
to be used,
when you pleased!

If you loved me

If you loved me,
like I love you,
you would make me tea,
like I make yours,
with sugars three,

But you do not love me,
like I loved you,
you would not make me tea,
like I made yours,
with sugars three.

The little photographer

So this morning I decided to let my daughter(she’s only 3yo) take photo’s with my blackberry. I was her first subject and she was happily clicking away. At first she was out of focus only catching a blur, the wall or a foot. In one photo she actually beheaded me. This collage is some of the best photo’s she has taken under my guidance and I think they are pretty good. I did the editing for her though.

I think for her next project I’ll let her do something abstract…..

The Accidental visitor

This poor bird flew into my house by accident. He came in and then disappeared. I thought he went out.

Big was my surprise when the bird flapped about anxiously on my windowsill trying hard to escape.

So before the oportunity was lost and with great encouraging exitement from my daughter I took a photo first of the poor lad before opening the bedroom window to give him the escape he so desperately wanted.

What bird is it? I honestly do not know but if you know then please leave a comment.