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Believing the imposible

March 18, 2013

Is there anything in this beautifull world that is imposible? I don’t think so at all. Right trough out my life I’ve read articles and stories about various things that seemed imposible. Like for example ghost. Most people doesn’t believe that ghost are real. I did not untill I shared my bed and toys with one(that’s a story for another day)
As a abled body person with no limits I like to read about people with imposible disabilities doing extraordinary things like the guy who wrote no arms, no legs, no worries. And then there is the paralimpic stars from my own coutry like Natalie Du Toit and Oscar Pistorius( Oscar is in some serious trouble at the moment but he has a inspirational career).
Then there is the stories about human combustion and the pits about this one is that the clever scientist can not explain why a human can just explode into flames with no reason at all. If you have a theory on how this happens please share it.

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