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5 Songs that describes a part of me

March 11, 2013

The daily prompt said to make a playlist of five songs to describe the week. I can’t remember listening to music last week so instead of doing what the prompt said I thought about sharing the 5 songs that describes a part of who I am and which means the most to me.

At number one is It’s my live from Bon Jovi. This song was my personal anthem during my rebellious teenage years. I wanted to enjoy life and make my own decisions.

Number two is Because of you from Kelly Clarkson. This song made me cry something terrible. It was my way to tell my rapist to back out of my head and out of my life. He stole from me something precious that wasn’t his to take and left me in pieces being screwed up for a long time. Healing was a slow process.

Number three is Another universe from Arno Caarstens (he is south african). This was the song I shared with my ex during a depressing time in our lives. He was still mourning the loss of his parents and I was recovering from a failed suicide attempt. We were together in our own little world. This was a special time in my life that I will always remember.

Number four is Everything I do from Bryan Adams. This beautiful song is a dedication to my husband. When he met me I was still screwed up but over time I came to love him and with that happening I tried my best to be the best for him. I stopped my bad behaviours and instead of living just for myself I started to live for him. Making him happy was my top priority.

Number five is I’ll stand by you from The pretenders. Yes I know this song is really old and in truth I have no clue who the pretenders were but this is a good song that reminds me to stand by my man and to support him when things go seriously wrong as they do sometimes

So there is my five songs that describes parts of my live. Which songs describes you best?


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