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The little Vip in my life

March 9, 2013

The first person that came to my mind was my 3 year old daughter. The reason being is that she taught me so much with that lively twinkle in her eyes.

She taught me that love at first sight is not just a myth but that it actually exists. The day she was born I was actually expecting the unknown baby in my belly to be a boy. Great was my surprise when waking up from an emergency c-section hubby dearest told me that in fact we have a beautiful baby girl. The moment my husband put her gently in my arms the world stopped and everything else faded into oblivion. It was just me and this much loved stranger that now was my daughter. I was supposed to sleep while she was still sleeping but I couldn’t help to stare at her perfect face. At that moment I knew that I have just given my heart permission to walk outside my body.

Parenthood didn’t start easy for me. At first I didn’t know how to change a nappy or wind her after every feed. I didn’t know how to bath her and felt useless every time she didn’t stop crying even though I tried everything to make sure that in fact she was fed, clean and cosy.

But with time I learned to enjoy the simple quiet moments with my daughter and I was mesmerized by her quick progress. I felt really proud when at eight months she decided to pull herself up into a standing position cruising along one of our friends coffee tables and she wasn’t even crawling for a month. Another special moment was when she started calling me “mama” and her father ” papa”.

My little girl also taught me how to smile at total silly things even during times of sadness and to just enjoy every minute of life.

If this little angel wasn’t part of my life I would be like a body without a heart

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